Pretreatment spray system for digital prints



Sprayfix is an automatic sprayer that can work on horizontal surfaces by depositing a small amount of liquid evenly and fast. The work area is adjustable by positioning the limit switches and activating one or more nozzles. The amount of liquid sprayed varies in function of the speed of movement. It is particularly suitable for the preparation of garments before the direct digital printing on fabric. The height adjustable trolley allows the use of automatic printing machines of any brand. The pump automatically maintains a constant pressure and therefore a homogeneous result regardless of the number of nozzles used.


The great advantage of this system is that the ink does not fall deep into the fabric but thanks to the pre-treatment remains on the surface, keeping the colors bright and vivid. The machine can operate automatically controlled directly by a photocell or by a signal of the automatic machine. After spraying a piston turns a soft bar that reduces the hair of fabric and ensures extremely smooth surface. The possibility of excluding the nozzle determines the dual advantage of not consuming more than necessary pretreatment and at the same time to use it only where the digital image will be printed.


Technical Data

Technical DataValues
Power Supply110-230 VAC 1P+N+PE
Working Height800 -1050 mm
Working Area500 mm x 600 mm
Number of nozzles1-6
Comsumption (MIN)0,7 g/dm²