Mass Production electric Dryer
Screen Printing Industry



The Fahrenheit Dryer is designed to rapidly dry any kind of ink from a minimum temperature of 100°C up to a maximum of 190°C.
Available in various sizes, this dryer forms a modular structure and adds new modules to adapt to various production requirements.
Provided with an extractor fan and hood located at both sides of the dryer for the expulsion of fumes and vapours from the process.
Equipped with internal diagnostics to detect malfunctioning and faults, if any.
Height adjustment of the hot air emission surfaces from 50 to 140 mm.
Forced air recirculation system designed to make the preset temperature uniform.
Protective filters to keep the fans and ducts clean and ensure efficiency over time.
Provided with pneumatic system for belt centring and tensioning.
Belt speed and temperature are adjustable directly on control panel.

• Outlet cooling hood
• Inlet and Outlet extensions


Thanks to the insulation obtained by adopting special technical measures and excellent quality materials, the outer surface always remains at ambient temperature.
Water-based inks and Plastisol inks can be dried simultaneously.
Also ideal for drying print on paper, stickers, plastic materials, metallic materials, etc…


Technical Data

AIR PRESSURE6 bar6 bar6 bar
BELT WIDTH1050 mm1050 mm1050 mm
TOTAL WIDTH1505 mm1505 mm1505 mm
POWER INPUT (max)26 kW39 kW52 kW
EXHAUST FUMES FLOW RATE600 m³/h800 m³/h1200 m³/h
FORCED AIR FLOW RATE2000 m³/h4000 m³/h6000 m³/h
WEIGHT1200 kg1700 kg2100 kg
HOURLY PRODUCTION (3 min drying)400 pieces/h600 pieces/h800 pieces/h
TUNNEL LENGTH4000 mm6000 mm8000 mm
INLET/OUTLET LENGTH0,5m modules on request0,5m modules on request0,5m modules on request