Choose the right Flash Cure

Intermediate Flash Curing Units are very important for any screen printing business. They are designed to fix the white under base or to cure the ink when printing overlapping layers of colors.

MAGIC Flash Cures have an automatic temperature control system that removes the risk of burning the fabric; they can be easily linked with automatic printing machines and work in synchro. Magic 25 is designed to be attached directly on the printing machine.

SPOT EASY are operated manually with timers and independent lamps control and they can be connected with automatic presses. The capability to turn off the lamps that are not needed will minimize the power consumption.

YOYO is a very versatile sliding unit that can work with different printing areas and has the best cost-efficiency of its kind.

The radiated Area is different for each Flash Cure to fulfill every printing requirement.
It is necessary to understand if the Flash Cure will be placed after the first print head (usually Mat White) or after the second, third or fourth color (CMYK). Generally speaking, only in the first option you have to consider the max printing area available.

MODEL                    CURING AREA [mm]         POWER [kw]
MAGIC 5000                   500×700                            9
MAGIC 7000                   700×500                           13
MAGIC 25                       420×600                           12
SPOT EASY                     420×450                            9
SPOT EASY XL                500×700                          16,8
YOYO 700                      700×1000                          6,1



MAGIC 5000

Magic 5000 / 7000 

– The “Magic 5000/7000” has an automatic temperature control system that allows to work without the risk of burning the fabric.
– This Flash Cure automatically adjusts itself to reduce the drying time in relation to the temperature of the printing tables (this happens mostly in mass production lines). For this reason it is extremely recommended with automatic printing machines.
– The traditional timed-system can be used instead of the temperature control.
– “Magic” works with photocell or start cable connected directly to the machine.
– The “Magic” has also a slim design that allows to be placed with its roller on every printing machine without problems.
– On the negative side when the printing tables are cold the curing time is longer and the temperature control system is more expensive than other solutions.

Magic 25_2018


Magic 25

– The “Magic 25” features the same temperature control system (with its pro and cons) but has the advantage to be installed directly on the machine (mainly made for MHM).



Spot Easy / XL

– The “Spot Easy” is very economical and has low consumption costs if you have small size graphic.
– Each IR lamp is independent and can be turned on or off, therefore when the printing area is limited (ex. written graphic) is very easy to lower the costs.
– The Spot Easy can be set with a delayed start function (recommended for MR machines).
– The extremely slim design facilitates its installation on every printing machine.
– The space between the lamps makes it suitable also for water-based inks.
– The “Spot Easy” is a very cheap and versatile flash cure, perfect for manual and automatic printing machines.



– The “Yo-Yo” is very economical and has low consumption costs if you have large size graphic.
– The sliding spot “Yo-Yo” is recommended particularly for water-based inks, thanks to the space between the radiator lamps that facilitates the evaporation.
– This flash cure can be adjusted to fulfill almost every production requirement, the radiator units are interchangeable from 288mm to 700mm wide.
– The speed and the length of the stroke, the power of the radiating unit and the fan speed are completely adjustable.
– The “Yo-Yo” it very versatile regarding the printing area and has the highest cost-efficiency of its kind.
– Its weak spot is the drying speed, slower than other flash cures.

In order to choose the proper solution, it is necessary to understand what kind of operation you will run with your printing machine. Automatic temperature control protect the garment from burning, while Timers guarantee to appropriately cure the ink. Independent lamps control and sliding units ensure less power consumption when some heat zones are not needed.