Accessories for screen printing


T-shirt folding and semi automatic packaging machine

Accessory for CAPS

Printing Table for Manual Printing Machines

Aluminium Pallets

Printing tables for all kinds of printing machines


Exposer unit including dryer


Tank for developing screen printing frames

Accessories for printing machines

Punto Colla

Spray glue system for gluing fabrics on printing tables

Colla 2207

Eco-friendly glue for use with printing tables

Foot Switch

Foot switch kit

Accessories for dryers

Thermometer with probe

Portable indicator for K-type thermocouples

Infrared thermometer

Gun-shaped infrared thermometer for measuring surfaces temperature

Slide for tunnel outlet

Slide for falling products

Cooling Hood Fahrenheit

Cooling Hood format 1100 x 530

Generic accessories


Start photocel for flash cures

Pressa LTS138

Press for thermal printing and heat-transfer materials