Eco-friendly glue for use with printing tables


Water-based glue suitable for all kinds of fabrics (plush, cotton, synthetics, in general).
Comes in a plastic bag to be hung inside the “Punto Colla” model spraying machine (code 1020059).
The vacuum-packed transparent bag ensures perfect storage of the glue and the daily consumption can be checked easily.
The glue is sold diluted by 10% and can be diluted further by up to 30% for gluing light fabrics.


Colla 2207 is eco-friendly, non-toxic, fire-proof, non volatile, does not smear, can be removed easily from the printing tables and does not require an extractor fan.
Thanks to its chemical features, it ensures economic savings as compared to normal glue sprays.
Being water-based, it can be re-activated a number of times by passing it under the intermediate flash cure.

Technical Data

1 Bag (1020023)2.5 kg
1 Box containing 4 bags (1020024)10 kg
1 Tank (1020076)5 l
1 Box containing 2 tanks (1020077)10 l