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A typical, small-sized Company in the Emilia region whose key to success lies in its professional skill and advanced technology.

Chiossi e Cavazzuti was founded in 1979 at Carpi (MO) as a producer of dryers (paper, PVC sheets and textiles) but it soon branched out into all that concerns screen printing industry.

At the beginning only three people were working in the company (two partners and an accountant).
After 35 years of activity, the factory has more that 20 employees and several suppliers and professionals that are working mainly for its business.

In 1988, the Company moved to Rio Saliceto in a 1.700 square meters building, to satisfy the demands of a constant and unexpected growth in production.

In 1993, experience and technological innovation led to designing the first special lamp specifically meant for the bodywork sector, with the aim of providing an alternative to the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian monopoly. Advanced technical study and a well equipped factory are the strong points in the manufacture of exclusive and well made lamps which were an immediate success at the “AUTOPROMOTEC” exhibition in 1995.

Since then, the Company has constantly maintained its objectives of quality and reliability, guaranteeing functional products designed in compliance with the latest safety standards.

In addition to the line of products meant for the screen printing sector and the car bodywork sector, a new line was introduced meant for the embroidery sector. The result was the innovative “Speedy T”, a machine capable of folding and packing clothing items in bags with considerable savings in terms of time and money, thus solving the problems of an increasingly demanding clientele.

In 2007, the Company moved again, this time to Correggio, to a new industrial building (3.000 square meters) to support the current logistic and production requirements.

With approximately 6.000 customers, 40 International and 20 Italian distributors our brand is a well known protagonist in the screen and digital printing global market. Our website www.chiossiecavazzuti.com receives every day from 150 to 200 new contacts/visitors.

Today, the Company maintains close contact with those whose activities revolve around Chiossi e Cavazzuti’s machines, and handles the After-sales Service directly, in order to follow and satisfy the technical and production requirements of the present and the future.

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