The History of our Folding Machine

The birth of a Myth.

Towards the end of the ’80s, Carpi distinguished itself for its dynamic industrial spirit, that led the town in the province of Modena to become one of the most important textile hub for the whole Northern Italy.

The first Chiossi and Cavazzuti folding machine was born thanks to the collaboration with several Customers, through a careful study of their requests, responding to their needs with innovation and a specifically designed solution.

In 1994, besides the product lines dedicated to the screen printing sector, our Company added a new line dedicated to the “packaging” sector. The innovative SPANKY 500 was born, a machine able to fold and package up to 500 garments per hour, saving time, money and solving the problems of an increasingly demanding clientele.

The success of this unique product on the market was evident during its presentation during the most important international exhibitions.

SPANKY in fiera 3


SPANKY in fiera 1

SPANKY in fiera 2



In the year 2000 the machine was subject to several improvements, and it acquired a new trade name:
the “Speedy-T 2000” was born.

The moving blades have been redesigned and built with new lightweight and resistant materials.
A special anti-slip paint covers the surface, guaranteeing unseen results even with light or thin garments.

The blades are placed on rails that can be adjusted in few seconds without the need of further equipment, to ensure endless possibilities of folding and adapt to all sizes.

The exterior design was completely transformed, thanks to a solid and compact structure, to make it easier to access internal components and simplify handling.

The control panel has undergone considerable optimization thanks to a simple and intuitive keypad and an LCD equipped with diagnostic functions, production counting and 10 customizable folding programs.




After 5 years of constant monitoring and analysis of its performance, the machine is perfected again, becoming the acclaimed model of today: “Speedy-T 2005

Speedy-T is a folding and semi-automatic packaging machine. This product is indispensable for a fast and uniform folding of T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and other garments. The blades are interchangeable, very easy to adjust and adapt the fold to the required size, changing in few seconds the set-up from baby t-shirts to extra large sizes.

Speedy-T can operate in two ways:
• stacking mode: each folded garment is placed on the stacker, wich descends automatically; a photocell indicates when the stack is at its maximum load and notify the operator.
• packaging mode: at the end of each work cycle the garment remains on the last blade, wich is lifted up, and it can be easily packed in a bag.

The factors of its success are the reliable fold quality combined with its heavy-duty production capability.

With over 800 units in constant operation, working on 5 continents, this revolutionary machine grants exceptional saving in terms of time and logistic processes.


We decided to tell the whole story in its entirety to express the profound esteem of those who have dedicated their time and efforts towards the realization of this formidable machine, during a journey that lasted almost 3 decades, not only to keep track of the transformation and improvements already made, but also to highlight the future ones that will be implemented.

We have told this story especially for the pride of the “Made in Italy” and the unique ideas of the Italian genius.

More often we notice “curious” similarities on other machines during international trade shows. This brings us a sense of satisfaction, since it is common that everyone take cue and hints from the best.

On the other hand, we heard a bad rumor regarding one of ours Competitor: in order to sell a few more machines during the FESPA Show in Berlin, he was going around saying that the Speedy-T copied one of his own machine. We take very personally and seriously the discredit towards the hard work that has been made. Words and treachery can spread and fly away like leaves, but facts and honesty endure like the roots of ancient trees.

The research in our historical archive and the publication of this article is above all things addressed to you, to be clear and better inform you about our product and the people that are behind it.

Beware of imitations !!!