Production Line: SpeedyT e Auto Packaging Machine

The formidable SPEEDY-T  is a folding and semi-automatic packaging machine. Indispensable for a fast and uniform folding of the T-shirts.
Can be adapted to suit all shapes and sizes available on the market. The blades, which can be easily adjusted and are interchangeable, make it possible to suit the fold to the required size in a few seconds, so that it is possible to fold baby t-shirts as well as extra large sizes.

While folding and stacking, the SPEEDY-T can process over 500 fold cycles per hour.
With the manual packaging mode, the machine reach about 350 bagged garments per hour.

When the workloads are very high and it is necessary to pack at the same folding speed, it is necessary to combine the SPEEDY-T with an automatic packaging machine, creating a complete and efficient production line.

In this combined configuration, the garment folded by the SPEEDY-T is placed directly onto the conveyor belt of the packaging machine, which automatically packages the garment and seals it in an orderly manner.


The “SPEEDY PACK” is a compact-size automatic packaging machine built in Italy, that automatically adapts to the folded size and it’s equipped with a heat-sealer to close the plastic bags. With a limited cost budget this solution has a very competitive price compared to the alternatives on the market.


In another continuous production configuration, the SPEEDY-T is combined with an automatic packaging machine, that removes the adhesive tape to close the bags, if present. This packaging machine is designed to fit all garment sizes and multiple types of materials.


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