Printing tables for all kinds of printing machines




The Alluplan pallet series are produced using aerospace quality materials with high mechanical and thermal resistance.


These Printing tables are made of honeycomb lightweight aluminium resistant to solvents and heat resistant up to 100 °C, without undergoing deformation.


Thanks to the lightness of the Alluplan tables, the inertia on the rotary motion of the machine is reduced, thus improving performance and increasing life of the products.


The pallets are also extremely easy to handle, compared to traditional ones, and make the assembly and disassembly processes easy to achieve with every printing machine.



The Printing Table you need: choose the shape, size, thickness and fittings for your printing machine.


Made according to Customer requirements in order to guarantee better adaptability of the surfaces to the type of job required.


Large range of fixing attachments for all kinds of printing machines, both screen and digital.


Technical Data

Technical dataValues
MaterialHoneycomb Lightweight Aluminium
Frame MaterialAluminium / grey PVC / black PVC
DimensionsMade to measure
Thickness15 / 22 mm
Specific weight10 kg/m²
Operating temperature (max)100°C
Compatible printing machines (automatic and manual)Large range of fixing attachments for all kind of screen printing and digital machines (MHM, MR, ROQ, SCHENK, TEKIND, HEBBECKER, ANATOL, KORNIT, POLYPRINT, etc.)