Exposer unit including dryer



Compact equipment with three functions for screen exposure process.
5000/2000 W or 7000/5000/1500 W Metal-Halogen lamp.
Pneumatic vacuum unit.
Dryer with three drawers for drying the emulsion before screen exposure.
Reflecting lamp parabola with “curtain” opening.
Lamp bulb can be removed easily.
Special cooling system to prevent overheating of the electrical components.
The electrical and electronic components are easily available on the market.
The system is available with light source and photocell which measures the intensity of the light emitted by the halogen lamp and thereby adjusts the exposure time.
The photocell may be excluded; in this case, the integrator works as an electronic timer and the display shows the seconds set manually by the operator.
Protection from UV rays is provided by sliding shades and the opening is also manual.


Suitable for all kinds of gelatine.
Very rapid exposure.

Technical Data

SMALL900 x 1100 mm
MEDIUM1230 x 1530 mm
LARGE1430 x 1730 mm
EXTRA1600 x 2000 mm