Electric Modular Dryer
Forced Hot Air System
Tunnel: 6 or 8 meters



“TETRIS” is an elevated circulation hot air tunnel oven.
It has been designed to dry and polymerize fabrics printed with digital printers using water based
inks. Do not use with inks containing flammable solvents.
Electric heating was chosen because it involves fewer installation and maintenance problems.

The low power consumption does not justify the greater complexity of a gas system, at equal

The temperature is adjusted by a precision thermostat and by a long lasting static relay control system. In this manner, the temperature never exceeds the set value thus preventing damage to delicate fabrics.


 Specifically designed to cure and dry digital printing on fabrics, the massive advantage of these dryers is the high volume of forced air circulation: this facilitates and accelerates the evaporation of water-based digital inks with unmatched results on the finished garment in medium-long drying process.


• In the heat chamber the temperature is uniform and constant on both sides and the center, adjusted by a precise thermostat and by a long lasting static relay control system; in this manner the temperature never exceeds the set value, preventing damage even to the most delicate fabrics. The air exchange is adjusted to discharge steam and promote high volume air circulation. This enhanced airflow convection system is designed on purpose and employs high yeld low noise reverse blades. Outflow nozzles direct the air onto the product perpendicularly and at high speed. Filters on each blower fan achieve an efficient and low maintenance working process.


• Heavily insulated mineral-wool fiber structure results in a cooler workplace and cool to the touch external skin. Remarkably it reduces both power consumption and heat dissipation.


• The returning belt conveyor allows the operator to work without having to change his position; the belt conveyor below works at lower temperatures of about 10-15°C: this improves curing quality and at the same time allows the operator to touch the printed garment without burning risk.


• The double belt conveyor configuration allows to operate simultaneously with two independent curing time. Each belt has its own speed control to be adjusted in relation to the ink or garment need.


• The Optional Cooling Hood at the outfeed of the Dryer is an effective cooling system to protect both the operator and delicate products from high temperatures, after the drying process has ended.



Technical Data

DIMENSIONS12.924 x 2190 x 2230 mm
WEIGHT3200 kg