Gas Dryer with forced hot air for DTG and Screen Printing



“Griff” is the tunnel dryer with the highest air circulation of its kind.
• It is designed for Dtg and Screen Printing, to cure fabrics printed with water-based or Plastisol inks.
• The hot air circulation is particularly accurate and use reversed blade fans, with high efficiency and low noise.
• The air exchange is calibrated to expel water vapor and combustion fumes and facilitate drying.
• The outflow nozzles send the air onto the product in a perpendicular and high speed way.
• The temperature is regulated by a precision thermostat that drives a modulating premixed burner.
• The flame is always present and its intensity varies in function of power demand.
• The passage height is 130 mm, sufficient for the vast majority of products.
• The two independent belt speeds version can dry simultaneously two products with different drying time.
• It is possible to lift the upper section electronically to easily perform the internal cleaning of the dryer.


• new interactive interface
• optional combined drying system
• highest speed of hot air circulation
• powerful airflow specifically designed for DTG
• precise time and temperature control
• low consumption and efficient burner
• optional flash infrared lamps
• easy maintenance operations

Technical Data

Electrical requirements400V 3P+N+PE - 230V 3P+PE 15A
Max electrical consumption7,5 W
Burner power2 x 65 kW (max)
Max temperature200 °C
Exhaust specification2 x 1500 m3/h - Ø300 mm
Belt width1750 mm | 2 x 800 mm
Tunnel length8000 mm
Production (light-dark)1000+ pieces/h
Overall dimension (LxWxH)11000 x 2550 x 2100 mm
Weight4000 kg